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Perspectives on New Order

Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order that for every new regulation passed, two regulations have to be eliminated:

“Rick Pollack, CEO of the American Hospital Association, released a statement Monday heralding the order, saying it reduces bureaucracy. He noted that last year alone, the federal government added 23,531 pages to existing regulations affecting hospitals and health systems. Pollack said reduced regulations will lead to lower costs and less paperwork for healthcare professionals.
“‘The regulatory burden that is imposed on hospitals and health systems is substantial and unsustainable, and has grown in recent years,’ Pollack said. ‘We are encouraged by the executive order signed by President Trump today that will help reduce red tape.’…

“Scott Whitaker, CEO of the Advanced Medical Technology Association, said his organization is still reviewing the executive order. The group lobbies on behalf of device makers.

“‘We look forward to working with the administration on developing regulatory policy that promotes medical innovation, patient access and maintains robust safety and effectiveness standards while minimizing unnecessary burdens on medical technology innovators,’ Whitaker said. ‘We have long maintained that any regulation needs to benefit patients and foster innovation, and the medical technology industry has developed a strong working relationship with key agencies such as the FDA and the CMS in support of those principles.’…

“‘(President) Trump says that the order is aimed at ”cutting regulations massively for small business.’ He added that it was the ‘biggest such act that our country has ever seen.'”  Source:  Modern Healthcare.