Indiana Sets The Record Straight

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As of January 2016, there were 345,656 HIP 2.0 enrollees in Indiana. HIP 2.0, which is the Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0, is similar to Indiana’s original HIP coverage that was successfully geared as a low-cost option for low-income households in Indiana.

Indiana has been permitted by HHS to use HIP 2.0 as it’s Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion.

During the first year of the HIP 2.0 program, 2,677 individuals at 101- to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level were dis-enrolled from HIP and not allowed to return for six months for failing to pay their monthly contribution to their “Power Account,” which basically serves as their premium for the coverage.

The state revealed 21,445 Medicaid members transitioned back to the basic plan of coverage, which does not include dental and vision, due to nonpayment of their monthly contributions. This basically is admitting that some insured members who were already in the actual Medicaid program prior to being enrolled in HIP 2.0 did not make their monthly contributions to their accounts.

According to the article in Modern Healthcare, affordability was not the leading reason for people not making their monthly contributions. Instead, most cited confusion over the fact that they needed to make a payment, or when the payment needed to be made.

As reported by the independent Lewin Group who studied the results of HIP
2.0, “It appears that Power account (monthly) contributions do not constitute a barrier to enrollment in the HIP program.”

74% of HIP 2.0 beneficiaries said they were able to get routine care as soon as they needed it and nearly 80% had no trouble getting access to specialists. Overall, 58% of members reported that they were very satisfied with the new Medicaid program, while an additional 22% said they were somewhat satisfied. Source: Modern Healthcare.


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