Pence: No Change To Medicare

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Finally there is good news for about 57 million Americans, tons of insurance companies, and thousands of insurance agents nationwide!

Early this month Vice President-Elect Mike Pence made it clear that the Trump administration will not be pursuing any changes to Medicare health insurance.  This is refreshing news as America has weathered 6 years of turbulent times in the health insurance market.

When asked about renewed calls from House Speaker Paul Ryan and others to change Medicare, Mike Pence clearly stated a Medicare overhaul that others are wanting to enact- is not an option on the table.

What seems to be in the works:   Changes to Medicaid, which is a joint state-funded and federally-funded program, that would put more control of designing Medicaid in the hands of states- where it should be.

The United States is a republic of 50 states with 50 different populations and each state controlling their own options for their residents makes the most sense.  Source:  Fiscal Times.


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