Scammers Still Impersonate IRS

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Scammers never sleep.  We don’t know how they can sleep at night doing what they do, but there are still several scams going on where the caller is impersonating the IRS.

Current Scams still occurring include:

-Private debt collectors calling to collect past due taxes, pretending to be in partnership with the IRS.

-Con artists calling you and demanding you pay back taxes with a pre-paid debit card supposedly connected the the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System,  but which is their debit card getting your money instead of the IRS.

-Robo-calls demanding you pay your taxes or you will be arrested.  NOTE:  The IRS never leaves pre-recorded messages for anyone.

-Thieves calling taxpayers with limited English-speaking skills calling and speaking in their native languages claiming they will be deported if they do not pay their taxes.

We know the next schemes to come will likely be different, but for now- these are just some of the ones to watch for.   Please be aware and be safe.

If you did not call the IRS yourself to resolve a matter, or to get/give tax payment information, Do Not Give Anyone any information about your household, or the names of people in it, or any personal information, or banking information.  If you have any questions about someone calling you for payment, please contact your local IRS office and alert your bank if you feel that you may have given the caller any bit of your banking information.

Source:  Financial Times.


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